Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wow, my Lucy learning Tissu at Flipside circus workshop! Posted by Hello

Magical Lucy flies into the heart of the labyrinth! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Gorgeous darlings" Posted by Hello

Bluebell the fairy made from Polymer clay, fabric and beads Posted by Hello

Kids in a bubble! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005


I'm excited because I just discovered Planet Sark My darling sister introduced me to wonderful books that encourage self-healing and creativity and joy by the author SARK. Sark is amazing, her writings, her art and when I read her books I so often find she's saying things I've said and thought myself. She has a real Aphrah outlook on the world. Aphrah is wonderful, if she had a website I'd link you to it. To find out who Sark is click the link in the right column and explore her world. I love the cat miaowing and purring in her mp3 files.

ah yes, sleeping in someone else's bed is so much fun Posted by Hello

Kimba lying in Yangxee's basket while Yangxee looks on. The old story about a dog in a manger is wrong, our version is the cat in a dog's bed. Posted by Hello

Introducing Yangxee, he's a maltese shitzu cross and we're dog-sitting him for the holidays.  Posted by Hello

This is Smudge, the pottery cat and she giving me one of her evil stares. Posted by Hello

Lucy and Tae bouncing on the trampoline at grandma's house. Posted by Hello

Tae tackles her cousin Lucy while catching fairies with her gold fairy catcher Posted by Hello

(left to right) Lucy, Criss, Tae, Steven and introducing our new friend Arimi Posted by Hello

Beautiful Tae Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hurray for Lucy! The fastest girl in Brisbane at her school sports day! She's so BEAUTIFUL! Posted by Hello

This sculpture lost its arms, legs and head. Now I know why they made this limbless torsos hundreds of years ago, because the limbs fall off. Posted by Hello

I modelled this lady using 325 stoneware clay, learning the hard way that this type of clay is not the best for sculpting, much better suited to wheel throwing. So far I've found earthenware clay, Paperclay and Terracotta best for sculpting. I'm not really satisfied with this work. Maybe it will improve with firing and glazing. Posted by Hello(ps this sculpture's limbs broke off as you can see in an image below, well to be honest one leg broke and then I got cranky and knocked the other bits off)

Here's my most recent work from Friday's Life sculpting session. I find male models more difficult to sculpt than the females. Posted by Hello

Hand painted dragon shirt I recently made for Lucy Posted by Hello