Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I collected this beautiful 3-D postcard from Reverse Garbage: this image makes terrific desktop wallpaper. Posted by Picasa

Arimi made this beautiful drawing: Arimi and her Brisbane family, AWESOME! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005

president Bush turkey invades my back yard Posted by Picasa

Turkey in love

I was woken earlier than usual by the chickens, about 5am, the hens were clucking loudly so I let them out of their pen. What happened next took me by surprise as I saw the reason for the hens' distress: a bush Turkey (a wild turkey from the bushlands) was chasing my chickens. Poor turkey(young and confused) had obviously decided my hens were future wives and he has the advantage of flight so the chooks found it hard to escape his attentions. The dogs managed to chase him away but I expect he'll be back because he seems to have fallen madly in love with my girls and I've got no way of keeping a keen turkey out of my yard. Oh spring time is hard on us all.
To look up Australian Bush Turkeys go to http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/ZINDEX-A.html

Bush turkey in love with my chickens Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Reflection" self-portrait, water colours on paper Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 17, 2005

RRrrrrip roaring winds rip rooves

Well the wind, as mentioned in my last post- Blew my roof off!
Now the piece of roof over the front porch is lying in the front yard in pieces. YIKES!

windy weather

There'll be a lack of images for a while because my digital camera needs repairing.
Massive winds reaching 90km (according to weather report) are ripping up Brisbane today. The dodgy roof on my front porch is lifting up and threatening to rip off. I felt scared last night while the wind howled, the roof banged, and loose objects flew around in my backyard. I saw a bat fly forwards and then get thrown backwards. I'm nervous because last time we had a windstorm like this one of our windows smashed.
Hurray assessments at University are finished and now I have a rest from assessments until November- maybe I'll graduate ...(I hope)
Last night I attended the opening of an exhibtion at the QCA College Gallery,14 Tribune St, Southbank by Genevieve Staines and Wes Rajkowski. I love the witty artworks by Wes Rajkowski, I got the feeling Rajkowski is very intelligent and eccentric. (He reminds me of our Aphrah Taylor)- I recommend this artist and the exhibition. Find Wes Rajkowski @:

Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Orleans News

I have sympathy for people who are affected by Hurricane Katrina and all victims of natural disasters and war. I hope these people can be offered food, shelter and safety without loss of liberty or discrimination. I have little faith in our local media telling us what's really going on, so finding insider comment on the most recent disaster is important. Click this link @ Guerrilla News Network for one person's story

hen pecked- a pirates tale

It'll be so embarrassing if I get a black eye. My chooks love attention, and Blackie the hen, my baby sits on my shoulder- Imagine me: Pirate Jenny also known as "Long Purple Flanny Pyjamas" with my parrot (Blackie the chook) sitting on my shoulder. I was putting Blackie on a high perch this morning and she jumped onto my shoulder. She wouldn't get down, when I'd tried to move her she'd clamber over to my other shoulder. I gave up and let her stay there a while -"ooh arrr"(in a pirate voice). Now Blackie does like to peck and she'd be sitting on my shoulder for a while before I considered how vulnerable my eyes were so close to her beak and as I thought it I gave her a sideward glance and PECK- ooh arrr- Now I know why pirates where EYE PATCHES!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

aargh! Assessment time

Yes viewers, it's that time again. Time when I go completely bonkers as assessment looms- it's midnight now and in 12 hours my head's on the chopping block as my sculpture is critiqued by my lecturers and peers. Ooh I dread this bit- I'm tired, I've had several anxiety attacks already this week, nerves, I'm soo tired!
Stay tuned to see if I live to fight another day...
warning I am prone to exaggerate

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lucy and Bella playing dress-ups Posted by Picasa

Portrait of Jen by Bella (age 7) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 03, 2005