Tuesday, April 17, 2007

family and Prize winning

This is Luna and Tae lifting a bus at the Gallery of Modern Art.
We are so lucky to have Tae Moon join our family at the moment. Today will be her first day at school with her big cousin Luna. Tae is such a lovely girl. Tae also got a prize for great drawing at SupaNova.
Here's me with one of our cute foster kittens, happy ending, he's already been adopted.
Our art show at CBD Gallery, Luna and I have our work side by side in this group show "Psychadelica". Akiko was there to capture the moment.

Hurray, 3 cheers for Luna! Luna won 1st prize in Qld Games drawing competition and runner-up in SupaNova drawing competition at this year's SupaNova:Comic, Games and Sci-Fi convention. I was pleased and surprised to also get runner-up, "honourable mention" for my drawing in Qld Games competition. It's got me thinking about a career in computer games, art work of course, not programming. I'll post our winning pix soon.

We're caring for 2 kittens, Moon and Raz, and right now they're running along the top of the couch.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

See you Ellie & Bert!

See you Ellie & Bert!
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My lovely family in Adelaide in January, (thanks to Akiko for photo)