Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tim's squid

I've started making felt badges to fit my friends' requests, for example, my friend Tim asked me to make him a red
and white squid. I love this little character's hat with beading.
I hope Tim will love him too.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ellie Nouveau

Ellie Nouveau
Originally uploaded by Qoo Qoo
by Jenny Jump, July 2007
watercolours and pastels on paper
A3 size

made as a birthday present for Ellie

Family portrait

family portrait
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Bert, me and Luna, Adelaide, July,2007
photo taken by Ellie Firns

Daruma felt brooch

cross-eyed Daruma
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Inspired by Japanese character Daruma, (the round red man whose eyes get painted at New Years), this little fellow is a little overweight as a brooch but he's very cute and cuddly.

by Jenny Jump (c) 2007

Baby sea anemone

orange baby anemone
Originally uploaded by Qoo Qoo
This little brooch is lovingly hand stiched in brightly coloured felt.
by Jenny Jump (c) 2007